Wellness and Spa Massage

SWEDISH MASSAGE • 55 min/$75 or 30 min/$45 or 90 min/$110

Give your energy a boost with a full body massage that uses light to medium pressure, according to your comfort level. This technique is most effective for relaxing, releasing tension, and increasing blood circulation.


DEEP TISSUE • 55 min/$85 or 30 min/$50 or 90 min/$120

Table your troubles. Deep tissue massage uses intensive pressure and trigger-point therapy to manipulate and release chronic muscle spasms, discomfort, and tension. Your range of motion increases, relieving pain and improving circulation to the surrounding tissues.


COMBINATION/SIGNATURE • 55 min/$80 or 30 min/$45 or 90 min/$110

If you seek a relaxing massage, yet have a few trouble spots that would benefit from deeper tissue therapy, ask your therapist to use a combination technique. This massage is good for the body and it’s good for your sense of well-being.


PRE and POST NATAL MASSAGE • 55 minutes/$85

Therapeutic bodywork focuses on the gentle needs of a woman as her body goes through dramatic changes in pregnancy. Recommended by delivery nurses, nurse-midwives, and obstetricians, this therapy enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.


SPORTS THERAPY • 55 minutes/$85

Experiencing muscular fatigue and soreness? This firm massage focuses on rehabilitating your muscles and joints by releasing tightness, reducing lactic acid, repairing muscle fibers, and increasing range of motion — truly liberating.


LOMI LOMI • 55 minutes/$85

From the master healers of Hawaii comes this technique that works the muscles gently yet deeply with long continuous, flowing arm strokes, totally nurturing and enabling the body to relax, surrender its pain, and begin to heal.


REFLEXOLOGY • 50 minutes/$70

Follow your path to relaxation and balance. Pressure points on each foot directly reflect all the organs and structures in the body. By applying pressure and massage to targeted areas of the feet, pain and stress are relieved, blood supply is stimulated, and the immune system is activated.


CHOCOLATE BLISS • 55 minutes/$90

Indulge yourself completely and let the essential oils of chocolate delightfully perk up your senses. Powerful chocolate antioxidants paired with massage therapy detoxify your body, while rich chocolate body butter soothes and hydrates your skin. Finish with a delectable chocolate rose — pure bliss.


SYNERGIE TONING MASSAGE  • 30-40 minutes /$85

Using the Dynatronics vacuum machine, this massage smoothes out cellulite as it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. Tightens and tones your body with a natural, healthy therapy for younger-looking skin. We recommend 8-16 treatments for beautiful results. Ask about a series discount.



Massage Extras

SCALP MASSAGE  • 15 minutes /$22

With or without peppermint oil (your choice) this will help relieve tension, stress and encourage healthy hair and scalp.

• Add on/$20

This unique method of therapy integrates heated soft stones with any massage you choose. The stones increase circulation throughout your muscles, while encouraging your entire body to relax, heal, and release stress.

BODY THERAPY HYDRO-PACK • 30 minutes/$40

Let us personalize your facial or massage session with this ultra-soothing, hydrating treatment. Includes a scalp massage with aromatherapy oils of your choice. A thermal hydrotherapy pillow infuses your skin with moisture, to reveal a more radiant and refreshed you.


Your therapist chooses an aromatherapy oil or combination of oils to supplement your treatment, whether you need to alleviate chronic discomfort or pain, or simply wish to enhance your massage experience.