Spa Extras and Additions

To gently cleanse and relieve the ears of any blockages, warm wax is used to extract wax and debris from just inside the canals — a calming, soothing experience.
A gentle process that helps alleviate sinus congestion, swimmer’s ear, and wax without risk to the inner ear and eardrum.

An array of special blend essential oils personally mixed for you. Ask our spa consultants.

REVITALIZING EYE RESCUE • 20 minutes/$25 (a great addition to any facial or massage)
What an eye-opener. Treat your tired and puffy eyes to a lymphatic drainage pressure point massage and a cooling, soothing, botanical eye masque.

SCALP or NECK MASSAGE 15 min $25

Let us personalize your facial or massage session with this ultra-soothing, hydrating treatment. Includes a scalp massage with aromatherapy oils of your choice. A thermal hydrotherapy pillow infuses your skin with moisture, to reveal a more radiant and refreshed you.

This smoothing treatment delivers nutrients deep into the cellular structure of the skin to repair and renew. The result is velvety soft and touchable hands/feet. This treatment can be coupled with any of our spa services.