9 Lake Bellevue Drive, Suite 112
Bellevue, WA 98005

Directions to All Star Lake Spa
9 Lake Bellevue Drive, Suite 112
Bellevue, WA 98005

  1. From 405 in Bellevue take the NE 8th Exit “East”.
  2. Get in the far left lane once you cross over 116th Ave.
  3. Then get in the left turn lane and cross the RR tracks.
  4. At Bel Red Road (marked left turn), take the “U turn” back onto NE 8th now heading West on NE 8th.
  5. Go a short block at “118th Ave” (Sunset Glass and the Pump House Bar are good landmarks).
  6. Turn right into a parking lot.
  7. Head through both parking lots past Arthur Murray Dance Studio.
  8. Our Bldg # 9 Lake Bellevue is in the far left corner.
  9. It is the only Dark Brown Small Bldg.
  10. You will see a walkway we are on the 1st floor across from the restrooms. Suite #112

Note: We are to the left of the Moxie building and 2 buildings West from the I Love Sushi Restaurant. Across the lake from the Crab Pot Restaurant.


Directions to Chiropractic Clinic
All Star Chiropractic is now located across the hall from the Lake Spa.